iPoint 2018.1 - Out Now!

Published July 25th 2018

iPoint 2018.1 was recently released and has already been adopted and rolled out by many of our clients. A full list of new features and enhancements is available by contacting our support team.

Although oil prices are climbing to levels not seen in four years, the message throughout the industry remains one of efficiency and automation. In the data management field this leads to development of systems which focus on integration and intelligent processes, and reduces the need for manual intervention.

At Perigon, this has always been one of our primary drivers and that's why development for our most recent release, iPoint 2018.1, has kept focus on continuing to make loading, transferring and consuming data as efficient as possible. Key features from this new release include:
Increased iViz Template Support:

iViz is our web-based visualization module that allows multi-scale Viz Point layouts to be viewed in any supported web-browser, ensuring anyone in your organization can gain a quick and intuitive understanding of the data available to them. This latest update allows full support of embedded crossplots, ternary charts and file-links (such as thin-sections, SEMs, Movies etc.) alongside multi-well visualizations.

Native Cloud Support:

Cloud hosting is coming of age within the oil and gas industry, and with this in mind, Perigon are delighted to announce that our solutions are now entirely cloud native. Being provider neutral we can work with your own chosen cloud hosting partner or offer our own hosting service, powered by Amazon Web Services, as recently rolled out to our first fully cloud hosted client.

Web-Services Development: 

We continue to grow and diversify our integration capabilities in order to meet client requirements. The creation of a dedicated web-services layer is the latest addition to our portfolio, opening up even more options when sending data to/from applications and other data sources.

For more information on the latest iPoint developments or if you have any other iPoint related queries please contact us.