iPoint 2016.1 - Now Available

Published March 30th 2016

Perigon are pleased to announce that iPoint 2016.1 is now available for download. In these challenging times we understand the desire for increased efficiency and value from investments. Therefore this release has had a strong focus on enhancing and accomplishing more with your legacy data.

iPoint Publisher

With iPoint Publisher users can instantaneously create an iPoint Viewer project;  a standalone read-only version of an iPoint project that facilitates the flexible export and transfer of data. iPoint Viewers can be delivered to partners, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world, enabling all the visualization and data mining advantages of iPoint without the requirement for a standard iPoint license.

Drag & Drop Export

iPoint export options are now even more convenient and flexible. Datasets can be dragged from iPoint and dropped to a file location in a range of commonly used file formats. Furthermore, datasets can also be dragged directly into open applications, such as excel and log interpretation packages like Interactive Petrophysics and Techlog.  

Search & Report

Enhancements to the Search & Report module allows for more powerful searching alongside an improved user interface. ‘Query Groups’ allow for the creation of more complex searches whilst users may now seamlessly switch from reporting on curves, datasets or wells. Additionally, ’Favourites’ or common searches can be saved for even faster searching when you need it.

Processing Point

Control over data exporting has been taken to a new level. Exported curves can be merged either manually or by their Curve Alias Table. Run unit conversions automatically as part of any data export routine, and now saved ‘Search and Report’ templates can be used in Processing Point to quickly isolate data for exporting.


iPointWeb allows users to access data in an iPoint system from anywhere in the world. The latest release builds on this functionality to allow Well Header information, datasets, images and documents to be opened, viewed and exported. Data found in iPointWeb can be sent directly to the desktop version of iPoint for further workflows.

iPoint version 2016.1 is now available for download. Please contact your local iPoint representative for more information.