Core Specialist Services and Perigon Join Forces

We are extremely excited to announce that Core Specialist Services (CSS) and Perigon have joined forces in a partnership agreement targeted at improving how the oil and gas industry stores, manages, and visualizes core data. 

Core Specialist Services provides a comprehensive range of services focusing on design, management and integration of all core related studies. Together the team at CSS touts over 80 years of experience in the discipline of Core Analysis with 12 years of consultancy experience working with reservoir specialists for integrated formation evaluation. CSS applies current industry learnings and promotes knowledge sharing while maintaining an intimate knowledge of available industry resources and applications in commercial and research laboratories.

Our agreement will enable Core Specialist Services to offer iPoint as a platform for visualisation of core data acquired in core analysis studies managed by Core Specialist Services. The newly released read-only version of iPoint will empower CSS's clients to visualise and analyse data in a sleek and fully interactive manner. Full functionality of iPoint can be obtained by contacting Perigon to purchase a full license.

In addition, Core Specialist Services and Perigon plan to collaborate on a range of initiatives related to interactive presentation of core data and core data reporting standards. 

Perigon are very excited by the opportunities this strategic alliance will create for both companies and are particularly excited to grow the iPoint platform with the experience and expertise provided via CSS' guidance. For more information about Core Specialist Services and their offerings please visit: