Product History

January 2018

Perigon offer fully hosted cloud storage solutions for their clients, further broadening the accessibility of their data.

April 2017

Online visualization of Viz Point templates is possible through iPointWeb thanks to the iViz module.

March 2016

iPoint Publisher and Viewer are released, allowing read only versions of iPoint projects to be distributed between clients, vendors and partners.

June 2015

Redesigned Core Image Loaders offer huge time savings and further establishes iPoint's position as the leader in Core Data management.

February 2015

Geoscientific workflows are further enhanced with the release of a cutting edge Petrophysical module.

October 2014

Perigon partner with Blueback Reservoir and create an adapter to access Petrel projects from within iPoint.

April 2014

The power and flexibility of iPoint can be taken anywhere with the release of iPointWeb, providing secure and instant access to iPoint projects.

March 2014

A corporate level security model is announced incorporating Active Directory technology for enterprise integration.

July 2013

iPoint is available in both 32 and 64 bit architectures to take full advantage of modern workstation capabilities.

January 2013

Data type coverage is once more extended with the ability to connect to other databases such as PPDM and OpenWorks R5000 through Perigon's pioneering GQL technology.

February 2012

A powerful data management tool named iQuest is introduced enabling wells, logs and picks from different databases and applications to be compared and corrected for consistency.

April 2011

Advanced export, merging and resampling of data is now possible through the Processing Point module.

February 2010

iPoint develops integration capability with applications such as Spotfire, ArcGIS and Livelink.

July 2009

Interpretation modules such as Well Correlation, Thin Bed Analysis and Interval Fills further advance the iPoint portfolio suite.

September 2008

The Search & Report module allows users to quickly and easily find specific information from large datasets, further increasing the efficiency of their working in the system.

March 2007

The iPoint Admin Toolkit is released offering user friendly interfaces to load, QC and standardize data.

January 2007

Unique visualization innovations such as multi-scale synchronization add to iPoints growing revolutionary capabilities.

September 2006

The first version of iPoint is released as a comprehensive borehole data management, visualization and analysis application suite with its own integrated database.

February 2005

Other data types are added and the library is now a conceptually ground breaking platform for viewing integrated well bore data.

March 2003

Perigon is founded offering a web based data library for the management and viewing of core related data and images.