Welcome to a revolution in understanding. Welcome to Perigon.

Welcome to a revolution in understanding. Welcome to Perigon.

Specializing in subsurface wellbore data, Perigon is the global leader in data management and visualization solutions. By bringing everything together, we make managing and viewing your data easier.

We have developed products and services specifically to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals who collect, manage and utilize wellbore data. Whether a geologist or petrophysicist, a reservoir engineer or driller, data manager or geophysicist, our tools bring everything together. We are not just the undisputed leader in core data management – we provide a revolutionary system that lets you visualize all of your wellbore data when you need it, instantly.

  • Data Management
  • Visualization
  • Integration
  • Analysis
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Core data, stored together

iPoint allows you to bring all your core data together in one place to ensure it is easy to find, trusted and well protected.

iPoint's powerful corporate data store has the ability to store all types of wellbore data, including complex core images, rasters and other industry standard formats. It systematically standardizes and quality-controls this vast and varied data by applying business rules defined within the system. This ensures subsequent integration and management processes are effective.

With iPoint, you can overlay any sample analysis results over core images. This brings your data together effortlessly, providing a complete picture of your wellbore. From macro to micro.

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Now you can visualize everything

iPoint allows you to integrate all disparate wellbore data types into one valuable knowledge resource. Its superior integration capabilities allow you to manage and visualize a vast array of formats.

A selection of typical data types handled by the iPoint system

  • Core Analysis
  • SEM
  • Geochemistry
  • Biostrat
  • Measured Logs
  • Calculated Petrophysics
  • Picks and Zonal Intervals
  • PVT
  • XRD
  • SCAL
  • Thin Section
  • CT Scans
  • Directional Surveys
  • Drilling Parameters
  • Pressure Data
  • Lithology & Facies Data
  • Chemostrat
  • Core Images
  • Core Description Logs
  • Composite Logs
  • Mud Logs
  • Borehole Images
  • Sedimentology Logs
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Drilling & Mud Logs
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Align all your multi-scale data

iPoint allows you to integrate and visualize independently scaled sets of wellbore data.

Synchronizing individually scaled images and digital data on-screen, iPoint instantaneously aligns by measured or true vertical depth. It also allows you to easily adjust each scale, on-the-fly, to gain ultimate correlation understanding across several disciplines. Try it for yourself by clicking and dragging the line on the right.

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Multi Scale Data

View multiple data types

The iPoint suite enables co-visualization of all wellbore data types making it a valuable tool for geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, drillers and data managers alike.

Displaying multiple datasets and types in one easy to navigate multi-scale track display, iPoint transforms disparate sample sets, often stored in a range of locations, into comprehensive visual representations of the downhole environment.

Building cross-section views is quick and intuitive. iPoint’s data integration abilities allows you to connect to any wellbore data store, native or otherwise. With iPoint, you can integrate anything from high-resolution core images to wireline logs.

  • Core Images
  • Raster Log Images
  • Sample Points (e.g. Hg Inj, Pc)
  • Digital Data
  • Core Descriptions
  • Document Reports
  • Sample Images (e.g. SEM, TS)
  • Image Logs (e.g. FMI, OBMI)
A revolution in understanding

Data Comparison & Integration

Multi-Scale Visualization & Interpretation

Core Image Splicing

Data Sharing with Partners & Colleagues

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